Jumper Cable

4F MM CS/CS Cable for SR2 Connection

4F MM CS/CS Cable for SR2 Connection are the linking cables between Optical Patch Panel and equipment racks such as servers or SAN’s. One end of the jumper is terminated to a LC patch panel or a MPO-LC cassette. The other end can be connected to a DR1 module. With a diameter of 2 mm Uniboot LC jumpers represent a very compact and high-density connection method between racks or zones in the data center.
Features & Benefits
● CS connector has the 40% reduced size compared to LC Duplex Connector, Push/Pull tab for a better usability in high density applications.

● Low insertion loss and high return loss, meeting the transmission standard of optical fiber cabling system.

● Follow the 200G SFP standard by using CS optical fiber connector.

● All of products meet the relevant standards of environmental policy, environmental protection and flame retardant.
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