Jumper Cable

8F SM MPO/LC Cable for DR4 to DR1 Connection

8F SM MPO/LC Cable for DR4 to DR1 Connection allows connection from an MPO jumper or trunk cable direct to equipment ports. The fan-out can be customised so that the tail length is matched to the particular equipment. Alternatively the MPO fan-out can be connected directly from optical distribution racks to equipment ports. This approach reduces the amount of connections between racks but limits flexibility and scalability.
Features & Benefits
● Low insertion loss and high return loss, meeting the transmission standard of optical fiber cabling system.

● Follow the 400G DR4 OSFP and QSFP-DD standard by using MPO optical fiber connector, the fanout end compatible with the optical fiber transmission of 100G.

● All of products meet the relevant standards of environmental policy, environmental protection and flame retardant.
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