Fiber Connection in Tranciever

According to the forecast of data center bandwidth demand, 800G Ethernet Transceivers will Eclipse Sales of Lower Speed Modules by 2025
Increased prospects for growth in data traffic driven by AI applications, based on the latest data shared by Google at OFC 2021.
Progress made by suppliers of 800G Ethernet transceivers and components supporting these modules.
Higher than expected demand for bandwidth in datacenter clusters, relying on DWDM optics.
Technology types of 800G Transceivers
lnterface Link Distance Optical Technology Optical Connector
800GBase-ZR 10OKM 16-QAM LC
800GBase-ZR-Lite 1-1OKM 16-QAM LC
800GBase-FR4 1-2KM 200G PAM4 LC
800GBase-DR4 1-2KM 200G PAM4 Quad SN/MDC
800GBase-FR8/LR8 2KM/10KM 10OG-PAM4 LC
800GBase-2FR4/2LR4 2KM/10KM 100G-PAM4 Dual LC
800GBase-DR8 2KM/10KM 100G-PAM4 MPO
800GBase-SR8 50M 100G-PAM4 16F MPO
The Optical Interface as below
Fiber Connection in Optical Transceiver
Over the past several years OECE has provided the transceiver customers with highly reliable fiber-optic connectivity components. With the evolution of the 800G high speed transceiver, OECE will continue to improve its quality and production capacity to meet customer needs

● At the external optical interface is focused on MT Connectors and Receptacles with structure optimized stub patented.

● At the inner optical transmission is focused on the optimized structure Fiber Arrays with patent for single-mode application, Jumper and Mini MT parts for multimode application, Polarization Maintained Fiber Arrays for PM fiber application
Optimized Structure for External Optical Interface
Features & Benefits

● Smaller size by reducing the glue injection window

● Two-section channel fiber hole structure with transition guidance to enhance the fiber protection and product reliability.

● Glue operation at the end of the Ferrule to eliminate the external force

Fiber Connection in Tranciever
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