16F Cabling System for Datacenter

Due to the ongoing large increase in bandwidth demand, Data Center connections are expected to move from 25G/100G to 100G/400G.
Within the Racks
10G still being used
25G starting to be deployed in volume
50G/100G following
Between the Racks
40G still being used
100G starting to be deployed in volume
400G following
10G DWDM still being used
100G/200G starting to be deployed in volume
400G/800G following
Technology types of 400G Transceivers
Interface Link Distance Media Type Optical Technology Optical Connector Standard
400GBase-SR16 100M(OM4) 32F Parallel MMF 16*25G NRZ Parallel VCSEL 32F 16*25G NRZ Parallel VCSEL IEEE 802.3bs
400GBase-DR4 500M 8F Parallel SMF 4*100G PAM4 Parallel (SiP) 8F MPO IEEE P802.3cm
400GBase-FR8 2KM 2F Duplex SMF 8*50G PAM4 LAN-WDM(DML) LC
400GBase-LR8 10KM 2F Duplex SMF 8*50G PAM4 LAN-WDM(DML) LC
400GBase-SR8 100M(OM4) 16F Parallel MMF 8*50G PAM4 850nm(VCSEL) 16F MPO 100G MSA
400GBase- SR4.2 100M(OM4) 8F Parallel MMF 8*50G PAM4 BiDi 850/910(VCSEL) 8F MPO
400GBase-FR4 2KM 2F Duplex SMF 4*100G PAM4CWDM(EML) 2*CS
The Optical Interface as below
Outline of 16F Cabling System
In view of the current situation of data centers, OECE launched its solution "High Density Fiber Cabling System based on the 16F MPO Connector and the CS connector ".

This solution is simple and easy to manage. While meeting the existing requirements of 40G/100G, it also provides a solid solution for the upcoming deployment of 400G Ethernet.

It will reduce customers' repeated investment in fiber resources and realize customers' maximum cost control advantages.

● Low insertion loss and high return loss , meeting the standards of 400G fiber transmission.

● The 16-core MPO fiber optic connector which is compliant with OSFP and QSFP-DD standards, compatible with existing 40G, 100G fiber transmission through the fanout cable assembly and Cassette.

● The trunk cable is based on 16F fiber which reduces the complexity of installation and deployment; and achieving 100% utilization of the fiber cable.

● All of products meet the relevant standards of environmental policies, environmental protection and flame retardant.

Compared with the cabling system of 8F ,12F and 24F, the 16F cabling system can fully support the coming 400G fiber transmission,good port mapping and 100% fiber utilization.
16F Cabling System
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