Jumper Cable

16F SM MPO/MPO Cable for DR8 Connection

16F SM MPO/MPO Cable for DR8 Connection are the linking cables between Optical Patch Panel and equipment racks such as servers or SAN’s. One end of the jumper is terminated to a MPO patch panel and the other end can be connected to either a DR8 module or fan-out depending on preference. With a diameter of 3 mm; MPO jumpers represent a very compact and high-density connection method between racks or zones in the data center.
All of our jumpers are terminated onto round cable as opposed to flat ribbon type which makes cable routing and handling far easier.
Features & Benefits
● Low insertion loss and high return loss, meeting the transmission standard of optical fiber cabling system.

● Follow the 800G DR8 OSFP and QSFP-DD standard by using 16F MPO optical fiber connector, compatible with existing optical fiber transmission of 40G and 100G by using the fanout cable and MPO-LC module.

● The trunk cable is based on 16F fiber which reduces the complexity of installation and deployment; and achieving 100% utilization of the fiber cable.

● All of products meet the relevant standards of environmental policy, environmental protection and flame retardant.
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