Ceramic PM Mini Connection

Ceramic PM Mini Connector

In order to ensure the highest technical performance and to provide an optimum solution for high density packaging on-board application, OECE has developed the Ceramic PM Mini connection.

It can be used to replace splices, improving the modularity at a low height budget impact.

PM Mini Connector is based on ø1.25mm ferrules and are designed to operate with multimode and single mode fibers, 0° PC as well as 8° APC polished. The PM Mini connector is also available as PM (Polarization Maintaining) interface.
● Minimum space requirement (footprint of 10mm*8mm for 2 ports)

● Available in PC, APC and PM termination

● Insertion Loss: Low loss grade, 0.35dB MAX

● Easy installation and assembly tool is available. ● Reflowable: SiP side should be reflowable, 5minutes @260℃

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